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I'm Thankful He's Still Here

From our family to each of yours!!!Meditating on the Goodness of God this morning, and could not let anymore time pass without thanking HIM and you!!


On 12/19/23, marked a year of my son’s transition home from RITP. He is thriving, and leading others to do the same by his example! He makes his spiritual, mental, emotional, relational and physical health a priority. He attends meetings regularly, and has taken part in starting a new AA group closer to home with a group of guys in our area. Conflict is still not his favorite thing, but he no longer runs from it! It's been amazing to watch him grow through each one's resolve. His clients (especially the difficult ones) are happy with their experience with him. He walks with his head held high, smile on his face, and still humble hearted. 

My husband, his siblings, extended family, friends and I are so incredibly proud of him... and remain so very thankful to both of you, and all of your staff that poured into him! He is excited to visit Prescott! 


I pray the Lord returns to you in double-portion blessings all that you both continue to give and share with others! I pray that HE expands your territory and provisions in order to help many more this year! I pray HE stands guard over you (and your families) marriages, health, wealth, time and relationships. 

I'm a better person today, because of both of you and your influence in my life! Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do! Love you and all of yours dearly!

-Traci H.

You Gave Our Son The Tools

"Thank you for the opportunity to express our “appreciation” to you and the staff at the “Recovery in the Pines”. Nathanael was a client there two years ago, not only did the Recovery in the Pines help Nathanael but helped our family with education and support, as Nathanael was recovering so was our family.

I think Nathanael was given the best tools for recovery, from Clinical, Spiritual, Physical, Goal Setting, Career and Job Support, and developing relationships with the leaders and the other clients, the men supported and encouraged each other.

We are so blessed with where Nathanael is now, he continues to be active in meetings, he’s working and going to school, he received his Personal Trainer Certificate at Yavapai College and works training clients in Recovery Centers.

A special thank you ~to you for being so honest and compassionate in your counsel to the family members."


- Catherine M.    

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You Rescued Our Son

"We will always be grateful for the caring attitude and treatment that our son and our family received from RITP. From the first phone call, the staff responded immediately to our call for help; they answered all of our questions, in person and via phone.


Our family was completely ignorant about addiction and the effects that disease could have on a family. More than three years ago, RITP rescued our son from continuing his addiction. Once our son went into treatment, we began attending Monday night meetings.


With the support, education (written materials, guest speakers, and open communication) and encouragement from RITP staff, we reached a point of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.


RITP has continued to be part of our son’s and our family’s life. I am confident if called upon, RITP staff would respond to our needs quickly, professionally and appropriately. We highly recommend RITP."


- Cindy A.

We Didn't Know Where to Turn

"I was asked to write a testimonial for Recovery In The Pines. What can I say? It saved my husband’s life, and it also saved mine. My husband’s problem with drinking was not anything new, but we had never done an actual intervention and he had never been to treatment, so that initial step was confusing and we did not really know where to turn. That all changed one day when Albert and Doug came into our home with open arms saying they could help. To say it was a relief to hear that, was the understatement of the century.

I had become so sick and tired of all the lying on my husband’s part, all the negative choices he had been making, and all of the fighting and had become consumed by anger, sadness, disappointment and guilt. He was tired too, tired of the way he was living and tired of not being able stop drinking. He decided that he was ready and willing that day to do whatever it took, and what a world of difference it has made for him!! It is absolutely amazing what sobriety will do for someone, everything changes and anything is possible.


I was 100% satisfied with our experience with Recovery In The Pines. I also feel that a Christian based program is definitely key. At Recovery In The Pines my husband was able to strengthen his spiritual foundation and build the relationship he so needed with God, which in turn I believe, helped him heal, and along with the education and tools he gained at Recovery In The Pines, he was and continues to be successful over his addiction with alcohol.


From the phenomenal and highly professional staff (that we will forever be grateful to) that were always available to answer any questions we may have had to the weekly family component with Bobbe that taught about addiction and recovery and gave me the tools that I needed in order to be successful too, I would highly recommend Recovery In The Pines to anyone who was needing help with addiction."

- Shana A.


They Were the Light at the End of the Tunnel

"On behalf of struggling addicts and alcoholics whom received treatment through this facility, I urge the addressed part to view Recovery in the Pines as the “light” at the end of the tunnel for individuals whom are stricken with the disease of addiction. I personally received treatment through this facility in 2014, and was molded into the man that I stand as today.


Since my initial intake at Recovery in the Pines, I have gone on to earn my Associate of Arts degree through Yavapai College, which was conferred with honors, as well as gained a seat in the school’s honors program. Today, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in software engineering at Arizona State University. I am housed at both the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and Barrett, the Honors College at ASU. These achievements had taken place in only two years, and I truly believe that my success became a reality because of the treatment that I had received at Recovery in the Pines.

I have been to several treatment centers throughout my career of addiction, and Recovery in the Pines stands as an entity to which sets this facility apart from others. We need more facilities like Recovery in the Pines so that struggling addicts and alcoholics can see that “light” just as I have."


- Casey O.

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